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Conjuring up a little Muddy magic in Cuffley

There’s something really intriguing to me about magic.  And I don’t mean the Hogwarts sort.  I mean magic like on the telly, the producing something alive-and-kicking out of a hat, that sort of thing.  And close up magic?  You know, where the fiver you gave him earlier in the evening ends up inside a walnut?  That’s just brilliant.

magic 4

I met Herts magician Chris Whitelock recently at a coffee shop in Cuffley, and I kid you not I was squealing so loudly at some of the tricks he was doing, I’m sure the woman on the next table spilt her skinny latte.

magic 3

Chris performs locally and internationally, jetting off to Dubai regularly for gigs – and has performed for the likes of Stephen Fry and Chris Evans.  Not too shabby, eh? But as well as the usual weddings, parties, corporate events, that sort of thing – and even one funeral (yes, really) — Chris also teaches magic.  You can buy lessons as gifts for people – you know, the ones who already have everything – whether children or adults, and he tailors the lesson right to what they want to learn, how old they are, what they’re interested in.  They’re completely bespoke and surprisingly affordable.

magic 1

So, that’s what I did.  I sat down with Chris for a lesson – determined to learn at least one thing that would make my kids go, “what the….?” and might, just might, elevate me to the status of being a ‘cool mum’ for a millisecond before reality kicked back in.  Oh, and maybe something that might make Mr C gasp in amazement as well.

I loved the lesson.  Loved it.  Laughed my head off.  Realised, once again, that I am shockingly uncoordinated.

magic 8

Chris ran through a couple of tricks that would win you a bet in a bar – were I the kind of girl to make bets in bars – and I think I’ve more or less got the hang of them.  Well, I did manage to make Mr C raise an eyebrow with my balancing-a-pound-on-a-tenner trick, and our eldest was impressed with my 3 cups manoeuvre.  There’s also a very cool trick that has you making spots leap from one little ‘paddle’ to another and back again, which was brilliant.

magic 2

Then it was on to card tricks.  I was so good (ahem…) that I actually managed to make the card disappear the first few times I tried it.  Except I was only supposed to make it turn over, so that wasn’t the strongest of starts.

magic 6

Can you see your card there? No? Oh….

But I kept going and – get me! – I actually managed it.  Will have to work on my patter, though – the whole ‘nervous laugh while glancing at the cards’ thing isn’t really going to wow anyone, now is it?

magic 7

And is this your card? The 2 of Clubs? Ta-da!

Tell you what, though: a magic lesson would make a cracking present.  I’m already wondering whether Mr C fancies a go (he’s impossible to buy for if you stray from socks) this Christmas.

magic 5

So, lovelies.  Pick a card, any card.  Don’t tell me what it is, will you?  Right, now pop it back in the pack.  Was it this one?  No….?   Er…  hold on….  this one….? 

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