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Dinner is served….

Now, I like cooking.  Might not be Masterchef, but I can knock up a decent family meal.  And I do – every single flippin’ night.  So the prospect of a local company that delivers delicious, healthy and high-quality meals right to your door was much too tempting to resist.

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Luke’s Health Kitchen is a brand-new business based in Berkhamsted, and the brainchild of … er … Luke.  As well as working as a personal trainer, he’s a chef – having trained and worked with Michelin-starred chefs like Michael Caines and (get this) Heston Blumenthal (ooo, I love him).


Given the whole personal trainer thing, Luke is keen on healthy meals – and tailoring the meals to what you need.  Say I was, purely hypothetically, going to run a marathon (ha ha ha….), Luke could come up with a package that suited my training plan.  Or could come up with a plan that would help you lose weight, should you want to.  Or – I’m guessing here – even help you put on weight.


We gave it a go.  We picked a couple of dishes from the ever-changing weekly menu – a yoghurt-marinated spiced lamb and a salmon en papilotte.  I emailed over my order, and – lo and behold – Luke turned up at my house on the day I’d booked, with a bag full of what turned out to be utter deliciousness.


I cannot quite describe my excitement at someone else turning up at my house with food that was ready to eat – but suffice it to say, it was a happy day in the Muddy Herts household.


Ok, my picture really — really — doesn’t do them justice, but I wanted to you to see the packaging (which is fully recyclable). Will try harder next time…


Both Mr C and I were a wee bit sceptical when we saw the meals, I will say.  Not that we’re greedy – perish the thought – but they just looked a bit on the small side.  However, once we were tucking in, we realised that … well, our eyes are bigger than our tums and the portions were, in fact, just about right.  We even let the children try a mouthful or two, then did lots of muttering about grown-up food and discouraging them when they seemed to be enjoying them a bit too much….


And they were good.  I don’t really want to say surprisingly good, but given the dire quality of lots of ready meals, well, I was a bit surprised.  At the risk of sounding like a domestic goddess (although if the apron fits…), I never buy ready-meals and pretty much always cook from scratch.  Mr C, on the other hand, was an enthusiastic devotee of the microwave dinner before he was dazzled into matrimony, so he felt well able to comment.


And Mr C loved them.  To the point that he admitted that – if he was still single – he’d order up a few and sneak them in the back door if he was (in his words) ‘trying to woo someone.’  (Woo?  Woo?  Honestly…)


We ordered a couple of meals as a one-off, but there are all sorts of packages available where you can get 1, 2 or even 3 meals a day delivered straight to your door – as often as you like.


And Luke does gourmet dinner party catering in your own home, too, which – having tasted his ready meals, I’m very tempted to try.  You get to create the menu with him, and he promises to leave your kitchen looking immaculate.  My kitchen never looks immaculate, so that in itself would be worth it…

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