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Pippa feels fab

I’m pleased to tell you that Pippa, the former editor of Muddy Herts, is fine and dandy and feeling pretty perky. The reason? She’s been taking Protandim, and here she is, wanting to share the joy with you.

Pippa says: I’m not much one for supplements. I mean, it’s not that I’ve not taken them in the past – it’s just that I’ve sort of seen their effects as a matter of faith, rather than actually noticing anything I could directly attribute to them. It only took one chat with Philippa Taylor of Feel Fab mind you, to change my mind. She’s just so flippin’ perky. I mean, one of those people who’s positively bubbling with energy and is really good at her job and actually enjoys going to boot camp – and she smiles all the time. Lucky she’s a lovely person, too, otherwise… well, it’s just lucky she’s lovely. Philippa got me taking Protandim – the ‘Little Yellow Pill’ – it’s clinically proven to help with energy, sleep and recovery. I smiled politely and swigged my coffee, trying not to raise my eyebrows too noticeably, but thought I’d give it a go. Even if it gave me half her energy, it had to be worth it. Protandim is – hold on, let me get this right – a daily supplement derived from various plant sources that supports cellular health. The plan is that it helps your body deal better with the various stresses of strains of daily life – and ageing – by working right at the level of your cells, making them more resilient, slowing breakdown, boosting regeneration. The upshot is more energy, more resilience, more va-va-voom. And I’ve been sadly lacking in all those recently. Work, family, juggling, relationships, you name it.

Philippa Taylor, Feel Fab

So, what have I noticed? Well, that horrendous 3-o’clock lull – you know, just when you have to pick up the kids – that’s gone. Which is a definite bonus. Jetlag? Thing of the past. I’m not sure I entirely believed Philippa (lovely though she is) when she said it helped with that – but I’ve done two trans-Atlantic trips (get me!) since I started taking it, and I’ve not suffered with jetlag at all. Which is bonkers. But in a good way. And here’s the kicker. Y’know when you reach the heady heights of middle age, having *ahem* a night out can leave you feeling rubbish for days? None of this ‘big-fry-up and you’re back in the saddle’ nonsense that worked in your 20s. Well, there have been maybe a couple of evenings since I started taking Protandim on which I’ve had one more small glass of sherry than I should have and – get this – I’ve felt fine in the morning. I mean, not perfect, but definitely more perky than pooped. Seriously.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Am I going to keep taking it? Just try prying it out of my fingers. I’ll never be as perky as the impossibly energetic Philippa – and I don’t see a boot camp in my immediate future – but I’m on the Protandim for the long haul.

Feel Fab

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