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Reflexology — only without the feet….

If there’s one thing I really don’t want to happen, it’s someone playing with my feet.  So reflexology has emphatically not been top of my list of things to try.  Helen James, of Healing Sole Reflexology in Berkhamsted, however, offers facial reflexology – which is about as far from your feet as you can get – and she persuaded me to give it a try.


My idea of hell.

Facial reflexology uses the same principles as ‘foot’ reflexology – only it’s areas of your face connected to different areas of your body.  Stimulating them then helps your body re-balance, eliminate toxins (very useful at this time of year!), and get you completely relaxed.  It’s also good for, apparently, reducing the symptoms of nasties like IBS, stress, sleep disorders and hormone imbalances.  And, being gentle – it really was – you get to feel all relaxed at the same time.


The Bergman Method’s chart for facial reflexology

Helen practices in her at-home treatment room in Berkhamsted, and it’s one of those space where you feel like you could be miles from anywhere.  The day I went, the wind and rain were quite literally howling outside – but I was snug-as-a-bug under the softest blanket you’ve ever seen and could have been just about anywhere.


The other advantage to faces over feet is that Helen incorporates elements of Advanced Facelift Massage into the reflexology treatment as well – which helps with all those pesky fine lines and *shudder* saggy bits that might, just might, be creeping up on even the perkiest of us as the years slip by.

facial reflexology 2

This might not have been how I actually looked, but it’s certainly how I felt….

The session was extremely relaxing, although I definitely felt energised afterwards rather than that sort of post-massage sleepy thing.  Helen started with gentle massage on my shoulders and neck, then worked very methodically over the different areas of my face – finding the pressure points that corresponded to various other bits of my body and giving them the attention they needed.  It felt a bit different at first – not quite a massage, not quite a facial – but was sort of hypnotic after a while, with lots of little repeated points of gentle pressure.  I found myself drifting off nicely, thinking about all kinds of things and marvelling at how much my tummy was rumbling.  (I like to think it was a sign of how relaxed I was – it always happens when I get a massage, too.  Oh, is that just me…?)

Helen studies with Ziggie Bergmann, who is one of the foremost practitioners and teachers in the field, and she’s constantly upgrading her skills and techniques.   And at just £30 for a session, she’s an absolute steal.  Most of her clients come regularly – I mean, why wouldn’t you? – and say they really feel the benefit of repeated sessions.

So, I’m converted.  But still faces, not feet.  As long as I get to keep my socks on, I’ll definitely be going back…

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