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Send those bags packing!

Don’t know about you, but I’m reaching an age (hard to believe, I know) when there’s no hiding when I’ve had a late night.  Those dark circles are a total giveaway in my *ahem* otherwise youthful appearance.  So I jumped at the chance to try out the new CACI Eye Revive treatment at Lavender and Stone Beauty Rooms in Harpenden.

It’s not my first trip there, and it’s always a pleasure to go back.  It’s a little haven of peace and quiet right on the bustling high street in Southdown, and the staff there are properly welcoming and friendly.


I’d like to say this was me, but… well… it isn’t.

The Eye Revive treatment is all about perking up — and looking after — that delicate area round your eyes.  You know, right?  The bit that looks all dark when you get tired — and a bit puffy.  And then there are wrinkles.  Do I need to go on?

It’s not a relaxing facial.  It’s a treatment using microcurrents to stimulate the muscles round your eyes — on your cheeks and forehead, and even going a bit into your hair — so that they tighten and tone and you, lucky you, look younger and less knackered.

caci 2

Again, not me… but that’s what they do with the ‘wands.’

That said, it’s not uncomfortable.  You’re just not going to drift off, however tired you are.  Vera, the very gentle therapist, used a pair of ‘wands’ to pinch (but ever-so-gently) my facial muscles and send tiny currents through them.  I couldn’t really feel the currents at all — just the odd tingly moment when she was doing round my eyebrows. Apparently, the drier your skin the more likely you are to feel anything.

 She then used a roller infused with CACI’s Eye Revive serum to go over the relevant areas, the current pushing the product deeper into the skin.  The best bit, though, was the Hydro Eye Mask, which she applied afterwards — much more relaxing, soothing and cooling.  I brought one of those home with me, too, for a bit of a boost.

caci mask

When I arrived, my eyes were definitely feeling a bit tired and saggy.  And I left feeling much more awake — perkier and a bit twinkly-eyed.  Lavender and Stone recommend a course of 10 treatments to get you started, and they have an offer on for that at the moment.  A top-up every so often after that will be sure to keep you bright-eyed, if not bushy-tailed (they do waxing, too…).

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2 comments on “Send those bags packing!”

  • Becky May 10, 2016

    Hi Pippa,

    Sounds lush! 7 months pregnant and exhausted, bet you I WOULD drift off! (Reaches for dark sunglasses) xx

    • pippachappell May 10, 2016

      Ok, maybe you would…. Definitely when they pop that mask on… Soooo lovely!


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