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Take the make-up bag challenge!

I think I realised that my make-bag – well, the box into which what little make-up I own – needed a bit of an overhaul when I noticed that my youngest’s Frozen lipgloss looked in better shape than most of what I had.  Weeding out anything with Anna or Elsa on it, I decided enough was enough and booked in at Pebble Sanctuary in Hitchin for their ‘make-up bag challenge.’  Fearing, mind you, that my motley assortment might be too much of a challenge for anyone.

pebble 6

I’m too embarrassed to show you what’s actually inside….

Pebble Sanctuary in Hitchin has been offering to have a good nosey through your make-up bag – and then tell you how to get the best out of it – for a while now.  It’s something that, in London salons and stores, you’d be paying a load for – £85 at Liberty – and your appointment will end with a great long list of products that you just have to buy from them before you leave.

Thing is, Pebble don’t sell make up.  At all.  So the session – which is a total steal at just £25 – is all about what you already have what you can do with it.  Yes, I came away with a list of recommended products – no surprise there – but each suggestion offered a couple of choices in different price ranges.  So, I was recommended a serum foundation from Bare Minerals, costing £23.50 as well an alternative that I could find in Boots for less than half that.

pebble 2

Lovely Lauren makes a list for me…

Lauren, the resident make-up artist at Pebble, was so very gentle with me and my mixed selection bag.  She looked through it all, picked out the one that would work best for me, very discreetly didn’t mention the rattier oddments, and then used my make up to show me how to do it properly.  I don’t wear much make up, so she talked a lot about keeping a very natural look – but how I could jolly it up a bit if I was off to a party or on a night out (I wish…).

pebble 5

Gorgeous in-town location — and quite a nice sky, too, that day

Pebble is a little treasure.  Well, it looks little from the outside, tucked away just on the edge of Hitchin town centre in Bucklersby.  They’re having a rather lovely refurbishment at the moment – and the whole place is settling into a very relaxed sophistication.  I’m looking forward to heading back once it’s all completely finished – given that even the bits that hadn’t been done yet were lovely, and the welcome was really warm.  I love a place where regular clients come in and are greeted by name.

pebble 3

There are three floors of treatment rooms — and more loveliness to come

Once you’ve done the make-up bag challenge, there’s the chance to book in for a follow-up session – just to check in with any new bits you’ve bought in the meantime and to get Lauren to help you perfect your technique.  I’m loving feeling like I know a bit more what I’m doing now, and having Lauren there to ask even the dumbest of questions (and some of mine were doozies) was great.

I’d definitely recommend booking yourself in.  Even if your selection is in better shape than mine, it would be perfect if you’re just feeling in a bit of rut – or want some advice without any of that pesky department-store-counter pressure.  And feel free to compliment me on how lovely and natural I’m looking next time we meet, ok?

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1 comment on “Take the make-up bag challenge!”

  • louwhelan February 9, 2016

    What a great idea Pippa – my make-up bag is a shocker – I might even have some turquoise eyeshadow! Look forward to seeing your new face 🙂


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