Trash or Treasure?

How’s your attic looking, Muddies?  Or the back of your wardrobe?  Dare I even mention what’s under your bed…?  If you’re anything like me, you probably need a good clear out.  And instead of just bundling it all into black bags and heading down to the tip, why not be a champion?

peace ebay 5
Watford’s Peace Hospice has launched a competition to find their very own eBay Champion.  Donate your unwanted items to their online shop — and see if you make it onto the leader board in the league.

peace ebay 2

Dominic Dromgoole, Online Retail Co-ordinator, is looking for anything you’ve got tucked away in a cupboard that might be something someone else will pay top moolah for.  He’s worked for Peace Hospice Care for nearly 6 years and he specialises in getting the best value for the donations that they sell on eBay.

peace ebay 1

Two vintage dolls just raised £500 for the Hospice, and an antique guitar just fetched £421.  And as for old records, I hope you were careful with yours.  A vinyl copy of ‘Folk Singer’ by Bert Jansch went for £125, while a sealed copy of Dark Side of the Moon (who buys a record and doesn’t open it?) went for an almighty £250.  Although even that was beaten into second place by a classical bit of vinyl by Henry Launchberry (no, I don’t know either) which reached £350.

peace ebay 4

A recent success is a vintage Omega watch.  After some serious detective work, Dominic realised it was one of a limited number sold exclusively to the British Government during World War II.   And they managed to sell it for a staggeringly jaw-dropping £1,138.00!  I know, right?

But — hot off the press — they just a day or so ago sold a collection of Dinky toys — you know, the little metal cars and all that — for a staggering £2,750.00.  I’ll just pause for a moment while you read that again.  Two THOUSAND seven hundred and fifty smackeroos.  That is most they’ve taken for a single sale in more than a decade.

peace ebay 6

Reckon you can top that?  Is there something in your loft that could be put to better use?  Get it out, get it over to Dominic, and get on that leaderboard.  Let’s see what we can come up with us, shall we?





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