Wouldn’t You Though?

Not really a big fan of leggings, I’m not.  Tried them when I was pregnant and ended up looking like a pumpkin on stilts.  And they always ride up… or roll down… or cut in… or bag out.  Right?  So, really, this new brand I’d seen needed to do a lot of work to persuade me otherwise.

pertz 2

When I took these out of the bag, they looked a bit of a funny shape – which, I rapidly came to realise, is The Point.  The ‘normal’ shape of leggings is part of the problem (the other part being the ‘normal’ shape of my bum).

pertz 4

These Pertz leggings did genuinely feel different when I put them on.  They’re designed, apparently, to support your wobbly bits and make you look and feel more shapely than usual.  And they do.  I invited Mr C to admire my newly-clad pins and even he managed an almost-unprompted compliment.

pertz 3
I then retired upstairs to check out whether they did that awful too-tight-leggings thing with my downstairs (sorry, TMI), but they definitely didn’t.  Not that I’d wear anything short enough with leggings for all that to be on show, but it’s nice not to feel, well, cut in half – you know what I mean?

pertz 5

They are super-comfortable.  And I never, never thought I would be saying that about leggings.  With Autumn on the grey, cloud-laden horizon, I’m thinking that I’ll be getting a good bit of use out of my pair, too, for those not too hot (ha!) but not too chilly days.

pertz 1

I’ve been having a rootle around on their website, too, and it looks like they’re moving on from the any-colour-you-like-as-long-as-it’s-black selection, with some coloured options coming soon.  I like, too, that they use real people in their ad photos – like, real customers of theirs.

pertz 6

I’m almost a convert.  If not to leggings as a general rule, at least to a decent pair like these ones – one that fits properly, doesn’t cut in, manages to make my legs look even lovelier than usual (a-hem…), and doesn’t go all baggy after the first whizz through the spin cycle.  At £45, they’re not the cheapest leggings you’re ever going to be — but they’re going to be worth it, I reckon, if they carry on feeling this comfy and last as long as they look like they’re going to.


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2 comments on “Wouldn’t You Though?”

  • Erika May 16, 2016

    Completely agree Pippa, they are amazing! We are very proud to be stocking them at lolly and mitch in Tring High St. Everyone that has bought a pair have been back for more! Genius design, and oooooh soooo comfortable!

    • pippachappell May 16, 2016

      They’re good, aren’t they? 🙂


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