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You’re having a laugh….

There’s no doubt that the Edinburgh Fringe really is the place to check out some brilliant – and some not-so-much – newcomers in comedy as well as play it safer with some of the established names off the telly. But, really, who wants to wait until August?

comedy 1

Get Stuffed, based at Tring’s Court Theatre and staging comedy nights there and at other local venues, have been pulling in some serious names – Arthur Smith, Henning When, Shappi Korsandi, Jo Caufield, that sort of name – at the Tringe (gettit?) Festival for six years now.

comedy 2

But the Tringe isn’t until June – oh, why do you make me wait so? – so they’ve decided to whet your comedy appetite with the Berkomedy Festival, based in (3 guesses!) Berkhamsted.

comedy 3

Lots of up-and-coming comedians (try saying that three times fast after a slug of Sauv Blanc) are right here, performing in the Kings Arms’ Greene Room upstairs – which definitely comes under the heading ‘intimate’ when it comes to venues. The comedians are here warming up for the summer comedy circuit – the Fringe and so on – so it’s your chance to hear it first. And with three acts a night, you run a pretty good chance that, next year, you can be bragging that you saw so-and-so before he or she was famous….

comedy 4

Some you might already recognise. If you have kids of the right vintage, Iain Stirling – that cheeky chappie from CBBC – is in town on 4 March, although now sporting a rather grown-up beard. And if you watch any sort of panel shows on the telly, Rob Beckett will ring a bell.

comedy 5

Tring isn’t slacking, though, while Berkhamsted has all the fun.  Get Stuffed are busy filling the Court Theatre full of names you definitely will recognise throughout March – getting stuffed and warmed up for the Tringe, and that will be getting you warmed up for Edinburgh.  (Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?)  I can’t quite believe my luck – bad, not to have got tickets before Jeremy Hardy sold out, and good, living in an area that attracts such a varied cast of quality comedians.  Nicholas flippin’ Parsons is coming, for heaven’s sake. I mean, I know he’s not exactly cutting edge but… Nicholas Parsons. In Tring.

comedy 6

So, have you heard the one about the blogger and the….  No, perhaps not.  Best leave it the pros, I think.

Fancy a laugh?  Tickets and all the details you could possibly want at for Tring and for Berkhamsted.

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