The Urban Guide to the Countryside
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Eat Here: The Milk Shed

21 Oct 2016

While Sarah from Muddy Berkshire and I would come from opposite directions, we’d both happily end up at this gorgeous little cafe near the shopping mecca that is Bicester Village. Shop ’til you drop — then head round the corner and treat yourself to lunch… then maybe a cake… or an ice cream… Anyway, I’ll leave it to Sarah to show you around properly…

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Got your Berkeley card yet?

13 Oct 2016

There are all sorts of reasons to visit Berkhamsted — and now there’s a very stylish new one to add to the list. The Berkeley, on Lower Kings Road in the heart of the town, opened last week, and I can see it becoming a real favourite for an evening out — or a cheeky coffee during the day…

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‘Seeing it Through’ in Herts

7 Oct 2016

Seeing It Through is a new play from Hertford-based Pins & Feathers Productions. It tells stories — surprising, moving, engaging — from home-front Herts. The stories are taken from real life accounts of life from 1914-1918, and give an insight — an entertaining and moving one — into what wartime life was like locally…

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Why it’s actually *good for you* to be lazy!

6 Oct 2016

We all do it, don’t we? Take on too much and then get stressed out about it — it’s far too easy to be busy all the time. Muddy Berkshire editor Sarah has been chatting with Laurence Shorter, whose new book is all about the delights and benefits of being lazy. Feet up and read on…

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Don’t be sloe (sorry) getting your gin started…

3 Oct 2016

I’m something of a fan of sloe gin, having properly discovered it a few years ago — courtesy of my lovely friend Lucy, who always manages to rustle up a super selection of sloe gin, damson gin, and more. So I’m not-very-quietly excited at the prospect of the return of the Alford Arms’ Sloe Gin Competition…

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Want buns of steel? Visit this woman.

3 Oct 2016

I’d like to say that all the Muddy Editors are *ahem* in peak physical condition — and Hero, over at Muddy Bucks & Oxon, has been to try working out with a fitness instructor who’s perched precariously on the Bucks-Herts border. She’s just about stopped gasping…

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Herts Edition