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The Urban Guide to the Countryside
Herts Edition

London Design Festival

24 Sep 2016

The London Design Festival is in full swing right now, with events going on all over the capital that are just stunning — and there’s definitely a huge variety to tempt you. I’m just reeling at home many clever, creative people there are out there, given that I couldn’t design my way out of a paper bag…

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Hertford Children’s Book Festival 2016

19 Sep 2016

Hertford Children’s Book Festival — organised by locals Freya North and Maureen Pegg — is now in its 5th year and it’s going from strength to strength. There’s loads going on this year, based at Hertford Theatre, and if you’ve got a young bookworm in the house, they’re going to LOVE it…

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Muddying around in Toronto the Good

17 Sep 2016

Toronto might not be top of the list for North American city breaks – I mean, there’s New York just down the coast (well, quite a way down but, y’know), or DC with its museums a bit further down still. And there are West Coast cities like Seattle and Vancouver with the ocean and the mountains. There’s Montreal with its French vibe and nightlife. And then there’s Toronto, with its CN Tower – tallest freestanding structure in the world, doncha know – and … well, and… um…

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My Fave Places: Tricia Stewart

29 Aug 2016
tricia 4

You might not necessarily recognise the name Tricia Stewart straight away — but, sure as jam is jam, you’ll know about the whole Calendar Girls phenomenon. The original calendar featuring artfully-concealed ladies from the Women’s Institute, the hit movie with Helen Mirren, the West End show, and so on…

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Tea is the new Cocktail, dahhhling…

12 Aug 2016

Now, I love a good cuppa — although some might say I make it a bit on the weak side — so I was shocked to discover that Ali, down in Muddy Kent, could take or leave a nice cuppa. However, she calmed me down with the revelation that you can make cocktails with tea. Seriously. Read on…

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Herts Edition