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  • Blackfish swimwear

    8 Apr 2017

    Muddy says: we reviewed Blackfish swimwear and gave the tankini and leggings a fins up as we powered through the water feeling lithe. Blackfish swimwear has been designed to create a second skin to boost performance and confidence. It works!

  • September resolutions

    4 Sep 2017

    Back to school, back to work. September is the perfect month for making positive plans.

  • Mon 5 – Sun 11 June

    7 Jun 2017

    MON 5 – SUN 11 JUNE

  • June 2017

    1 Jun 2017

    JUNE 2017

  • Fri 2 – Sun 4 June

    30 May 2017

    FRI 2 – SUN 4 JUNE

  • Tues 30 May – Sun 4 June

    TUES 30 MAY – SUN 4 JUNE

  • My Favourite Places

    20 Apr 2017

    What makes an interior designer become a designer of swimwear? Lisa Montague tells her story and shares her favourite places to swim.

  • Wouldn’t You Though?

    5 Sep 2016

    A swimsuit that fits? And — get this — flatters? And holds in your wobbly bits and makes you look all lean and lovely? Hell, yeah…

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