• Want buns of steel? Visit this woman.

    I’d like to say that all the Muddy Editors are *ahem* in peak physical condition — and Hero, over at Muddy Bucks & Oxon, has been to try working out with a fitness instructor who’s perched precariously on the Bucks-Herts border. She’s just about stopped gasping…

  • Wouldn’t You Though?

    A swimsuit that fits? And — get this — flatters? And holds in your wobbly bits and makes you look all lean and lovely? Hell, yeah…

  • And one… and two… and point… and stretch…

    My history with ballet is… well, to say it’s chequered would be something of an overstatement – I was the chubby child at the back in the hand-knitted cardigan who surprised everyone by actually scraping through her Grade 1 and was then *sniff* encouraged to give up by the teacher. But, with my girlish dreams newly […]

  • Get your trainers on!

    Remember that fabulous ‘This Girl Can’ ad campaign earlier this year? Totally inspiring – and really celebrating women and girls of every shape and size getting out there and getting active. Well, the spirit behind that ad is alive and well – running, jumping, kicking, the lot – here in Herts this week. And there are loads of ways to get involved….

  • Get away from it all in the heart of Berkhamsted

    I’ve probably walked past BAYoga more times than I care to remember. It’s easily done, though – the entrance is through a tiny door squidged between Costa and Waterstones on Berkhamsted’s busy High Street. Blink and you could miss it…

  • Making friends with my muscles at The Pilates Pod

    I spend far too many hours bent over my laptop – or stuck behind the wheel – and I’m starting to get to a point where my back has been protesting about it all. I thought I’d get some expert advice about what I can do to keep it from shouting too loudly, and so, after chatting to The Pilate’s Pod’s Michelle at the Muddy Herts Awards reception last month, I booked myself in for a 1-2-1 session in their studio. After all, they won Best Pilates/Yoga Studio in Herts (hoorah for them!), so they definitely know what they’re doing….

  • Restorative yoga = some serious relaxation

    When I first started doing yoga, I think I probably just figured that there was ‘yoga’ and that was that. Little did I realise that there was ashtanga yoga, bikram yoga, ananda, hatha, iyengar, kundalini, power, and on and on and on. Recently, after not having done anything yoga-wise for too long time and spending too much time at my desk instead, I came across Carol Trevor, a Herts practitioner and teacher of restorative yoga who teaches one-to-one rather than in classes – and restorative yoga sounded just like what I needed for my sore (and sorely-neglected) bod….

  • 7 Expert tips to help find your inner Olympian

    Hero, over at Muddy Bucks and Oxon, has been grilling Toby Garbett — Olympic athlete and rower, triathlete, and now pilates and PT instructor — for his tips to help the rest of us get fit and stay fit.  (I know, she gets all the tough jobs….)  I thought us here at Muddy Herts might like […]

    • Having a wiggle and a giggle

      OK, here’s my comfort zone. And then, over there, there’s dancing. And then, a whole lot further out from that, there’s burlesque. So no one was more surprised than me when, one night after clearly one glass too many, I found myself signing up to try out a class with Jems Burlesque.  I know. One […]

    • Get a body like Dirty Dancing’s Gareth

      Much to my disappointment, I’ve not made it over to the New Theatre in Oxford yet to check out the production that’s on there of Dirty Dancing.  Lucky for you, Hero from the Bucks and Oxon Muddy Stilettos has — she’s good like that — and, funnily enough, she found plenty to write about.  I’ve […]

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