• Getting the knots out…

    I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time hunched over my laptop — or over the steering wheel — and so my poor old neck and back often end up feeling, inevitably all stiff and sore. And I end up feeling miserable. (Quick, send wine… or chocolate… sympathy just isn’t going to cut it.) It’s what we all do, though, isn’t it? Using a laptop just makes it all that much easier to work or surf anywhere — like, on the sofa in front of the telly, or on the dining room table, or in bed, wherever….

  • You are getting sleepy…

    How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Dry January proving a bit of a challenge? Struggling to give up other bad habits? Just not focusing on the things you want to be doing? You know, lots of people turn to hypnotherapy for a bit of extra help for that sort of thing and at this time of year….

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